Monday, August 11, 2008

Online Exhibit Receiving Attention

Since the launch of the Online Exhibit last week, has been noticed by local news sources.

Today an article came out in the Times-Picayune called Hansen's Sno-Blog.

Last week, the Blog of New Orleans (part of the Gambit) made a post about the website and online exhibit.


Nicole and Mon Voyage said...

I am so pleased to see this website but at the same time it's painful!! I have so many happy memories of Mr. Ernest and Miss Mary preparing a Sno-Bliz for me...I used to live nearby so would go often on my bicycle, and wait patiently in line.

Now I live in Dallas, where it is damn hot in the summer...over the last month or so, we must have had 20 days over 100. I have been desperately craving a Sno-Bliz, or at least a decent sno-ball, but I don't think there is one to be found here, boo hoo.

If I were a milionaire, I would go to N.O. just for a weekly Sno-Bliz :-)

JAUG said...


Hansen's is the best part of summer in New Orleans and for those friends who brave the heat to come down and visit me, taking them to Hansen's is my way of saying thanks!

Ya'll done good!


Sara said...

Loving the blog about Hansen's. What a great publicity idea and a wonderful writeup you got.

nola32 said...

did you know that hansen's actually shows up on wikipedia? how cool is that?
nicole- 25+ year patron (i'm not THAT old, been going since i was a kid :P ).